Sherry Vinegar

Videsan S.L are a company that only produce sherry vinegar. It is made in new fresh oak barrels, giving it a wonderful fresh floral bouquet and taste. It has a high acidity of 7%. There is no residual sugar or dark colour.
Solera is a process for aging liquids and the name given to the set of barrels used in the process. In the solera process the barrel containing the oldest liquid is tapped every equal aging interval (usually a year) for some of its content (usually half), which is then bottled for sale. This barrel is then refilled from the next oldest barrel, and that one in succession from the second-oldest, and so on down to the youngest barrel which is refilled with new product. The transferred liquid mixes with the older liquid in the next barrel somewhat diminishing the flavour of the older and improving the younger, over time this process delivers a very consistent high quality to the end product. Liquids often aged in a solera style include; Sherry Vinegar, Balsamic Port Wine, Muscat and Spanish Brandy’s and Rums.

How to use Solera 77 Jerez Sherry Vinegar:
• Dressing Oysters with shallots, jerez vinegar and salt and pepper
• Use to spike fruit salad
• Use as a dressing with Dijon mustard and olive oil
• Add to a syrup when poaching fruit
• A few drops in a passion fruit syrup for drinks and desserts
• Use in stuffings to add extra zest
• Add to sauces at the end of cooking
• As an additive in a marinade