Nicholson Fine Foods Chocolate Mousse Mix

Nicholson Fine Foods Award Winning Product.Create luscious mousse, mud cake, muffins and truffles all from one base. Certified egg and gluten free.
The Classic Chocolate Mousse (150gm) serves 4-5 portions.
The White Chocolate Mousse (150gm) serves 4-5 portions.
The Swiss Dark Chocolate Mousse (150gm) serves 4-5 portions.
Fun Things To Do With Chocolate Mousse

  • Make the ultimate Belgian chocolate Tira-mi-su.
  • Pipe mousse into the bottom of an ice-cream cone and top with a ball of ice-cream.
  • Substitute the cream for yoghurt and enjoy a healthy tang to your favorite dessert.
  • Crush amoretti biscuits, add melted butter, mix well and press into muffin tins, cool to harden and fill with mousse. Garnish with cream and fruit.
  • Buy or make profiteroles and fill with mousse, dip in melted chocolate to garnish. Fill into prepared chocolate cups and top with berries.
  • Use as part of a chocolate banana split.
  • Make the ultimate chocolate thickshake with milk, mousse, topping, ice-cream and a marshmallow.
  • Use as a filling for chocolate pancakes or waffles.
  • Flood over a sponge cake to make a chocolate mousse cake.
  • Use sponge pieces soaked in amaretto, chocolate mousse, berries, and whipped cream to create a trifle to die for.